If not me, then who? If not this, then what? If not now, then when?

These three questions are fundamental to each and every one of us in our journey through life, and I keep returning to them. In this world, we each have a responsibility to stand up for our values, to fight for what we believe and to nail our colours to the mast.


Proportional Representation

Its clear that Brexit is the tip of a disengaged, apolitical iceberg which we need to address. The fact that politics is divisive, that conversations are framed about taking back control, show that trust in our political establishment is failing.

A clear way to address this is to scrap our current electoral system in favour of one that elects a parliament which represents the people.

Queer rights

The side of Piccadilly Circus read in 2018 read ‘We’ve come a long way, but we’ve still a way to go’ during Pride in London. We need to champion the rights for our Trans brothers and sisters, our non-binary friends, our BAME community. Because we’re not equal until we’re all equal.

Through education, and the establishment of a non-religious teaching that educates all communities about LGBT+ issues, we can celebrate our differences and support each other’s journey through life.

Feature 3

In our hands, we hold devices which have shrunk the world into our palm. Along with the ample opportunities this creates, the smartphone acts as a barrier. It has changed the way we socialise, and has isolated people as much as liberate them.