Black or white…

With every story, there has to be a beginning and an end. It’s a choice, between doing what is right and what is wrong. We either are, or simply we are not. The world revolves around these polarised choices, humans exist because of these choices.

But what if it wasn’t this easy?

The world is shifting to political extremes. We have the tools to shrink the world in our pocket and yet politicians seem hellbent on erecting physical walls.

Our communities are being divided, the rich are gating themselves into palatial estates whilst the poor are left homeless and forced from their homes. Social housing is being pulled down to make way for luxury condos.

We should be more connected than ever before, yet a new obstruction limits us. Smartphones facilitate new communication channels, but surely its pointless if it doesn’t bring people together.

These times are exciting, but they are not polarised. We have difficult conversations and discussions to face, but we can build a better world.

James Kieran helps the world understand this nuance.